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Publishing Scotland carefully selects experienced tutors to provide delegates with the latest industry knowledge and practical skills. The maximum class size for workshops is restricted to ensure that all delegates receive individual attention. Prior to attending, delegates may be asked to provided relevant samples of work, or to complete questionnaires, for tutors to evaluate.

We are grateful that many of our most experienced members generously share their knowledge and expertise at our training courses.

They are joined by the following regular and guest tutors.

Abby Coften

Abby is the trainer for our series of marketing courses created and delivered by BookMachine.

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Cathy Tingle

Cathy is the tutor for our introductory and further copy-editing courses, editing for communications professionals and academic editing.

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Denise Cowle

Denise is the regular tutor for our proofreading courses. She also runs an invaluable course on marketing your freelance editorial business.

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