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18 September 2021

Network members

The network membership category is open to institutions, service providers such as agents and freelancers, proof-readers and editors who deal with creative content and/or supply publishers with goods or services. It also includes non-publishing libraries, museums, galleries, heritage and other organisations, literary agents, companies and individuals working in the literary and artistic sectors in Scotland.

You can search the list by the main categories; each member's profile gives a fuller overview as well as links to their website and contact details.

You can also download a full network members list as a pdf.

Search filters
  • Network Type, Literary Agent, Graphic Novels, Location, Glasgow

    9 Panels Agency - network member

  • Network Type, Sales, Marketing, Digital, Location, Inverness

    Above the Treeline - network member

  • Network Type, Design, Digital, Metadata, Print, Publishing services, Typesetting

    APS - network member

  • Network Type, Literary Agent

    ASLA - network member

  • Network Type, Digital, Metadata, Location, Dumfries

    BDS - network member

  • Network Type, Digital, Publishing services, Location, Glasgow

    Belle Media - network member

  • Network Type, Design, Production, Typesetting, Self-publishing services, Publishing services

    Biblichor Book Production - network member

  • Network Type, Society, Location, Outside Scotland

    The Booksellers Association - network member

  • Network Type, Distributor, Location, Edinburgh

  • Network Type, Editorial, Location, Dunblane

    Central Proofreading - network member