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The 2015 to 2022 Fellows

Since the Publishing Scotland International Publishing Fellowship launched in 2015, there have been six cohorts of Fellows – in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022. The global pandemic meant that the 2020 Fellowship was put on hold until 2022.

Below are the 54 Fellows who have already visited us in Scotland. Many are still in touch and catch up with each other and our publishers at book fairs and other events.

The 2022 Fellows

Above from left: Jean Mattern, Dr. Cordelia Borchardt, Andrea Stratilova, Sarah Cantin, Esther Hendriks, Talia Marcos, Nicolás Rodriguez Galvis, Mark Tauber and Peter Joseph. Photograph by Chris Scott – Chrisdonia.

The 2019 Fellows

Above from left: Ingrid Greaker Myhren, Jennifer Croll, Lisa Kramer, Ingrida Dubauskiene, Sergi Siendones Sospedra, Christine Scholz, Pedro Reisinho, Sabine Niemeier, Jenna Johnson and Nienke van Zwam. Photograph by Chris Scott – Chrisdonia

The 2018 Fellows

Above from left: Eva Wallbaum, Gregory Limpens, Beatrice Masini, Päivi Paappanen, Raphaëlle Liebaert, Patrick Nolan, Regina Kammerer and Andrea Morstabilini. Photograph by Chris Scott – Chrisdonia

The 2017 Fellows

Above from left: Alana Wilcox, Jackie Cantor, Andrzej Zysk, Ana Laura Caruso, Bénédicte Lombardo, Tina Arnold, Aleksi Siltala, Jane Palfreyman and Nina Grabe. Photograph by Chris Scott – Chrisdonia.

The 2016 Fellows

Above from left: Dagfinn Moller, Elena Ramírez, Ilse Arkesteijn, Peter Hammans, Anders Sjöqvist, Mariagrazia Mazzitelli, Stephen Morrison, Iris Tupholme, Michael Reynolds and Martin Breitfeld. Photograph by Chris Scott – Chrisdonia.

The 2015 Fellows

The very first Publishing Scotland International Publishing Fellows! Above from left: Eduardo Rabasa, Sarah MacLachlan, Halfdan Freihow, Claire Wachtel, Markus Naegele, Enrico Racca, Peter Borland and Lina Muzur. Photograph by Chris Scott – Chrisdonia.