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Originally from the industrial West Riding of Yorkshire, like all future booksellers I read constantly as a child. After moving to Scotland for university, I was stunned to discover the Waterstone’s bookshop at the West End of George Street,  Edinburgh, in the late Eighties. I subsequently worked there and elsewhere for Waterstone’s for many years, interspersed with a joyous few years with Ottakar’s. I am now Senior Managing Bookseller at Topping and Company, Edinburgh, still reading, still talking about books to all and sundry, just with much less hair than previously…

At the conference

Edinburgh Bookselling Champs, a collaboration success story. Duncan will be taking part along with Marie Moser (The Edinburgh Bookshop), Jim Taylor (The Lighthouse Bookshop), Adam Barclay (Argonaut Books), and David McCormack (Waterstones). This event is chaired by Tom Tivnan (The Bookseller).