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National Book Tokens is the UK’s oldest multi-retailer gift scheme and an essential part of bookshops’ product mix, delivering on average around 2% of revenue. 

  • Over £18m are sold through member bookshops across the UK and Ireland each year
  • With every Book Token creating two store visits (one to buy, one to redeem), National Book Tokens encourages new customers into your shop throughout the year
  • Research shows that National Book Tokens deliver incremental sales, with on average 50% of customers adding cash to the Book Token value for a purchase
  • National Book Tokens is managed for booksellers, so the business is structured to ensure that it delivers maximum profit, whilst minimising management time
  • National Book Tokens are supported by national marketing campaigns throughout the year and bookshops are supplied with free PoS to raise in-store awareness 


Email: If you are a new bookseller and want to find out more about National Book Tokens please contact  


National Books Tokens is a Bookseller Association sponsor at the Scottish Book Trade Conference 2023.