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Bell & Bain are one of the oldest companies in Scotland. Established in 1831, we are one of the top printers in the United Kingdom, with an ever-growing reputation internationally.  Our main products have traditionally been educational book and journals across all areas scientific, legal, mathematical etc. As our company has grown, so too has the range of books we produce: the volume of fiction, children’s books and cookbooks has rocketed over the past decade. Our customers are some of the most elite publishing houses, from Oxford University Press to Pearson, Dorling Kindersley, Penguin Random House, Harper Collins – the list goes on. 

I’ve been at Bell & Bain for 3 years now, but only 1.5 of those years have been full time. For the first year and a half I was part time while I completed my degree in Law at Glasgow Uni, and I came on board full time just as the pandemic was hitting in 2020. Job title is currently “Business Services Manager”, but my role overlaps with a couple of the departments at Bell & Bain. I manage our paper/board department, maintaining stock levels and overseeing the paper store. I am also jointly in charge of overseeing the costing and estimating department, ensuring all requests that come in are quoted accurately, and ensuring all jobs that go out the door are priced accordingly. I’m in charge of dealing with environmental matters and all things sustainability, as well as all issues relating to compliance and quality, legal matters etc.  

Gregory is a panellist (21st Century Green Supply Chain) at the Scottish Book Trade Conference 2022.