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For booksellers and book professionals

Edelweiss is free for all book professionals such as booksellers, reviewers, and librarians. You can quickly register for a free account here and learn more here.  The platform attracts book professional such as booksellers, librarians, and reviewers, who use it to discover titles that are being introduced to the trade, access proofs, collaborate with publisher sales teams, network and share book lists and reviews with each other and their own customers.  In addition, Edelweiss Analytics supports booksellers in decision-making through stock and sales analysis, and Edelweiss 360 is an easy, effective, and targeted email marketing tool for booksellers. There are over 150,000 Edelweiss users worldwide.

Publisher Offering

Edelweiss is a sales and marketing platform where publishers host their titles and catalogues in an engaging feature-rich site, supported by in-depth metadata. A core use for the UK is to connect sales teams with their customers, by making it quick and easy to assemble annotated sales presentations, and to collaborate with customers on new-title subbing to record and share orders accurately and efficiently. The flexibility and many options make it suitable for export sales, rights presentations, as well as domestic reps selling to indies, chains, and wholesalers. We also offer analytics insights into indie POS sales, digital proofs (DRCs) with an exclusive one-click reader. We have recently added Edelweiss Designer to the product suite  – a simple but powerful tool to create custom templates, catalogues, and online presentations.

Publisher Special Offers

  • All Publishing Scotland members are eligible for a 20% discount for our core Edelweiss service. 
  • Currently offering three free digital proofs to any UK publisher, whether already using the core service or not. DRC UK Offer

Edelweiss are sponsoring the lunch at the Scottish Book Trade Conference 2022.